About Us

  • Max Performing Arts Ltd aka: MPA Offers a professional team of Specialist tutor with many years experienced in working with people from all age groups, nationalities and cultures. Their skills have been perfected in specialist’ schools and theatre productions in locations worldwide.
  • Black History Month is celebration time!!!! MPA enjoy this time of year and all year round teaching the many different black cultures through Dance, Drumming, Storytelling and much more.
  • Overall MPA provide All Dance Styles, Drama and Fitness Sessions to hundreds of schools, after-school clubs and youth community centre in London and other parts of the UK – giving thousands of young people the opportunity to take part in alternative group activities and learn to dance under the guidance of some of the worlds best in the country.
  • MPA Workshop with Summer Universities, Colleges and much more in and outer London. We set up development programs alongside education authorities keen to integrate arts and fitness into their Program schedules.
  • We are very experienced in what we do as a company and enjoy being apart of the community. It is important to us that each Workshop runs as smooth as possible. MPA ask all clients to provide as much information before the booking date so all workshops can be delivered at the highest standard and quality.
  • For our Children, Young People and Adults MPA provide Low impact and High energy Workshops. Our Dance Technique promote Body Toning, Cardiovascular Conditioning and all-round Body Control and Balance.