Africa to Caribbean Dance

Dance is deeply emended into black culture by tradition. Two sorts of dance evolved as cultures developed: social dances on occasions that celebrated births, commemorated deaths, and marked special events in between; and magical or religious dances to ask the gods to end a famine, to provide rain, or to cure the sick. As the dance migrated to the Caribbean it was often seen as a form of celebration.



Celebrate Black History with
African or Caribbean dance.

African Dance Workshop Overview

Definitive up-tempo foot movement to sounds of African drums, combined with unusual but alluring hand patterns and clapping, is an exhilarating introduction to dance. As well as learning basic history of African dance, students stomp and shudder to rhythms that were by traditionally used for story telling and ceremonies

Working as a group, pupils will take part in a dance routine incorporating elements of traditional African dance and movement.

Soca Workshop

Soca is combination of Soul and Calypso. Calypso is a style of Afro-Caribbean music which originated in Trinidad and Tobago at about the start of the 20th century. Dance, fun and energy are just three elements of this fantastic workshop, which is tailored to suit each age group.

Working as a group, pupils will take part in a dance routine incorporating elements of traditional Soca dance and movement.

Group Info

Half Day

Morning: A Maximum of 4 Different groups (Recommended)
Afternoon: A Maximum of 3 Different groups

Full Day

Full Day – Afternoon: A Maximum of 6 Different groups (Recommended)


All Key Stages

Max group size

30 (recommended)

For More Groups / Sessions MPA Must be informed as this may lead to extra charges…..

What we need from you

Either a CD Player, Leads for MP3 / Mobile Phone use or Laptop is required

1 hall/gym/dance studio/Large Classroom

Lunch Break 45 minutes minimum
Breaks: Full Day 2 x 10 to 15 minutes
Half Day 1 x 10 to 15 minutes


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from £370

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