Mask Making

African Mask Making

Perfect for Black History Month or Art Week. Our African mask making workshop looks at the wisdom and creativity involved in mask making. People in Africa have expressed themselves by using masks for thousands of years. Our African mask making workshop explores some of the mysteries of the masks in our collection. We also look at how African mask making has influenced some famous artists. Masks tap into a deep instinct. This is a workshop where you can let your creativity flow expressing your emotions through your art. Our mask making workshop encourages freedom of creativity and self-expression. Mystery, intrigue and ritual intermingle creating a therapeutic and artistic workshop.


We have a few Masks from Africa for everyone to look at. We look at the messages and symbols conveyed by some of the mask makers. We look at all the materials used to make masks and the occasions masks are worn. We show you the techniques of making your own. Each participant then makes their own mask which they can take away. We provide all the materials.

Group Info

Half Day

Morning: A Maximum of 4 Different groups (Recommended)
Afternoon: A Maximum of 3 Different groups

Full Day

Full Day – Afternoon: A Maximum of 6 Different groups (Recommended)


All Key Stages

Max group size

30 (recommended)

For More Groups / Sessions MPA Must be informed as this may lead to extra charges…..

What we need from you

Either a CD Player, Leads for MP3 / Mobile Phone use or Laptop is required

1 hall/gym/dance studio/Large Classroom

Lunch Break 45 minutes minimum
Breaks: Full Day 2 x 10 to 15 minutes
Half Day 1 x 10 to 15 minutes

In these Workshops what ever items are made will be given to pupils / school for their personal use.

Travel cost may applied if the job is based out side of the London Area.


from £320
from £420

(Plus £1.75 per child)

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