African Drumming

Drum Spirit

The African drum was originally made as a form of communication. The drum beat in Africa is heard every day for celebration and fun and in some places it is still the main form of communication. The Djembe is the most popular and sought after drum in the world.

Workshop Overview

In principle, the Djembe (African drum) has three tones. During the first phase of this workshop students will be taught to produce the tones correctly. Once this has been mastered, different rhythms can be learnt. Other instruments will then be added and complex beats and sounds formed.

Student will be supplied with Djembes and other instruments. This will include Shakers – this instrument is shaken and principally used as a rhythm instrument.

Cow Bells are also supplied – The instrument consists of two metal cones. The clapper-less bells are struck rhythmically with a stick.

Group Info

Half Day

Morning: A Maximum of 4 Different groups (Recommended)
Afternoon: A Maximum of 3 Different groups

Full Day

Full Day – Afternoon: A Maximum of 6 Different groups (Recommended)


All Key Stages

Max group size

30 (recommended)

For More Groups / Sessions MPA Must be informed as this may lead to extra charges…..

What we need from you

Either a CD Player, Leads for MP3 / Mobile Phone use or Laptop is required

1 hall/gym/dance studio/Large Classroom

Rooms must have chairs/benches that can be arranged in a semi-circle

Lunch Break 45 minutes minimum
Breaks: Full Day 2 x 10 to 15 minutes
Half Day 1 x 10 to 15 minutes


from £320
from £420

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