African Storytelling

In principle, the Djembe (African drum) has three tones. During the first phase of this workshop students will be taught to produce the tones correctly. Once this has been mastered, different rhythms can be learnt. Other instruments will then be added and complex beats and sounds formed.

Student will be supplied with Djembes and other instruments. This will include Shakers – this instrument is shaken and principally used as a rhythm instrument.

Asian Storytelling

Explore the energetic, rich and colourful culture of India with our master storyteller in our specialised Indian Storytelling workshops. Traditional Indian myths and legends can be adapted to each key stage to enrich your curriculum. As with our African and Chinese storytelling workshops, our Indian storytelling workshops are rooted in a rich tradition of folktales, myths and legends passed from generation to generation.

Watch the children (and adults!) become immersed

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